View Home for sale in Washington HeightsThe construction boom which took place in Washington Heights from 1910 to 1930 produced a neighborhood filled with substantial, well-built homes in a diverse mix of styles.  Some streets are lined with bungalows and duplexes, but these are by no means cookie-cutter homes.  Old-world craftsmanship in woodwork and plaster gives each a unique feel, and many have Arts & Crafts detail.  One also finds period revival styles including "English Cottage," "Tudor," and even "Spanish Mission" homes.  Many homes are built of brick or stone.  Most have hardwood floors, stained or leaded glass windows, and fireplaces.

Along the neighborhood's two boulevards -- Hi Mount and Washington -- the homes are especially fine with some reaching near-mansion proportions.  Among these are homes built for some of Milwaukee's industrial pioneers.  One such home on Hi Mount Boulevard, a 17-room mansion built for Theodore Trecker, contains a chapel, ballroom and servant's quarters.

Residents are encouraged to maintain and improve their historic homes in Washington Heights.  The Neighborhood Association's newsletter, the Highlighter, routinely offers advice on everything from financing improvements to picking appropriate paint colors.  Each year the Association recognizes owners who have made outstanding improvements to their home or landscape.

Home ownership has been remarkably stable over the years.  Even now there is at least one home still owned by descendants of the family who built it.  When homes are sold, they often are purchased by families attracted to the quality construction and historic character of  Washington Heights homes.


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